The Tradingbay Ecosystem: Pioneering Crypto Analytics & Trading Signals

No coding or previous trading experience required

Tradingbay introduces an ecosystem that analyses every mechanism behind market movements providing unparalleled predictive analytics for Crypto by utilising the Principle of Layering. The platform also detects problematic areas known as risk factors that can alert traders when market conditions move towards a less advantageous state.

BTC/USD Dashboard — Easy to use no coding or trading experience required, simply follow the colors

The trading suite consists of one core harmonics algorithm to validate a trading signal while 8 additional algorithms work together to support traders in all areas. The set of 9 systems are all independently calibrated to 24 cryptocurrencies and can be combined in an unlimited number of ways to get a more accurate and predictive view of the market.

XRP/USD Dashboard trend trading with multiple confirmations

The ecosystem works on the Principle of Layering where specialized algorithms that are highly calibrated to specific Cryptocurrencies can be stacked together to work synergistically in order to provide a greater accuracy rate. Stacking works interchangeably between all assets. The never-before-seen methodology can seamlessly combines large amounts of data from the biggest cryptocurrencies under one roof in a powerful dashboarding solution consisting of 216 total systems.

The Principle of Layering on ETH/USD — increase winrate by layering multiple algorithms together throughout the ecosystem

The primary top layer algorithm detects custom built harmonic patterns exclusively calibrated to the cyclical nature of Cryptocurrency markets. While harmonic trading is not a new concept, Tradingbay has discovered new reoccurring price patterns through proprietary software.

Harmonics stacking to find synchronistic areas in the market as entry points

Use case: Market Stability

Market stability analytics layered across 24 assets providing consolidation & correction zones. Perfect for risk analysis, strategy selection and trade confirmation for stable market conditions.

Use case: On-bar Risk Analysis

On-Chart background candlestick highlighting for periods that have increased risk

Use Case: Market Safe Exits

Easy to use on chart overlay indicating when traders should consider closing positions to secure maximum profit


  • Trading signals of potentially profitable buying/selling periods
  • Indication of areas to exit positions and avoid potential losses
  • Identify risk factors in the market where trading would not be recommended
  • Measures stability & market conditions for the biggest cryptocurrencies
  • When markets are trending which provides long term growth
  • Market reversals & corrections/retracements
  • Access to community chat groups

If you ever wanted to get involved in crypto, this would be the best possible starting point. The all-encompassing suite assists traders of all levels and does not require previous trading or coding experience in order to use.

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An ecosystem that analyses every mechanism behind market movements providing unparalleled predictive analytics for Crypto by utilising the Principle of Layering