How to profit trading Altcoins using Crypto algorithms

Opportunities found on ETH/USD, EOS/USD, DOT/USD, ADA/USD, XLM/USD, DOGE/USD, BCH/USD, LTC/USD in March 2022

Its a great day to be alive! We are often asked the question.. Which coin to invest in right now? With so many markets to choose from which one is most profitable?

The answer is all of them.

The best way to look at the market is all about rate of change and leveraging the highest gainers at the right time. You can use the ROC technical indicator as a numerical representation or by simply following price action.

Despite all cryptocurrencies largely following Bitcoin, not all move as much as the other. Here is a simple example:

Cardano (ADA/USD) March 20 16:00 UTC — Triple buy signals
Cardano (ADA/USD) March 20 16:00 UTC — Triple buy signals

At this time recently in March 2022, we had a triple bullish detection move on Cardano. Price at the time was $0.877. At the time of writing this post, price is at $1.132. This means price increased by 29.07% during this time.

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) March 20 16:00 UTC–5X buy signals
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) March 20 16:00 UTC–5X buy signals

During the same exact time, Bitcoin moved from $41,400 to $43,020 which resulted in a price increase of 3.91%.

It is still a great result however 29.07% vs 3.91% is a significant difference despite both markets moved up in the same exact way, during the same exact time

How to select the right market

Market selection can be hard if you are new however there are a few key markets which have major potential today. The following markets perform really well on the Tradingbay platform:

  • Cardano
  • Polkadot
  • Ethereum
  • Monero

These markets have the most upside potential during bullish market waves but are not the only ones to do well. When selecting the market, always look at which markets have moved the most recently. Websites like or are excellent to quickly glance at the biggest movers.

Once you see which market has moved the most during a new wave, use analytics platforms like to know when the best time would be to jump in based on trend following and harmonic market moves.

Remember the trend is your best friend

The most profitable and reliable strategy long term is always to follow the trend. If there is no trend established and there are mixed market signals, it is best advised not to enter the market.

Remember to always be patient! Not every day is a trading day.

Trading market reversals are difficult and to be honest no one truly knows when the market will actually reverse. You can use all technical and fundamental analysis but at the end of the day, the most profitable traders in the world are reactive not predictive.

The most difficult part about trend trading is to avoid market fake-outs which is why it is critical to look at all major cryptocurrency markets for indications that a trend breakout is real.

Market entry checklist:

  • Make sure to check all major markets for trend indication.
  • Add a Bollinger band and other technical analysis to avoid areas which markets may pullback.
  • If you miss a breakout, do not jump in because of FOMO. Wait for a pullback before entering the trend. Use limit orders not market orders.
  • Use to ensure a pullback is not a reversal. If during a pullback our trend indications are not broken across multiple pairs then it is still a viable trend and if we receive additional bullish signals in that case, even better.
  • Add in a Fibonacci retracement zone alongside marketing key S/R levels. If current levels are near key Fib or S/R levels then wait for price action to lead the way. What often happens during these periods are pullbacks which will allow you to enter the market at a better price. If price continues to push past these levels then it is a good indication to enter.

Which Altcoins are profitable right now in March 2022:

View review of altcoin detections found on Tradingbay

Banks, institutions, professional traders, hedge funds and more all use analytics algorithms and indicators to make better investment decisions. These algorithms are often built in-house and not available to the public. Tradingbay is a collection of enterprise grade analytics that anyone can access and improve their trading activities.

If the biggest funds all use algorithms, why shouldn’t you?

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An ecosystem that analyses every mechanism behind market movements providing unparalleled predictive analytics for Crypto by utilising the Principle of Layering

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An ecosystem that analyses every mechanism behind market movements providing unparalleled predictive analytics for Crypto by utilising the Principle of Layering

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